Burn Unit is Atlanta’s finest b-boy/b-girl crew.

Burn Unit Japan 2009

Diverse in age, ethnicity and gender, Burn Unit has a distinct style of dancing that separates them from most b-boys and b-girls with raw and edgy movements reminiscent of house dancing, Capoeria, gymnastics, Cirque du Soleil and animalistic influences.


Burn Unit has represented in a multitude of battles, competitions and shows. Clients include Microsoft, WNBA, Cartoon Network, Red Bull, MTV, the High Museum of Art and the Fox Theatre.


Burn Unit Performs for the WNBA from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.


The crew has competed across the U.S. as well as international events in Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe. Burn Unit has also organized numerous, influential events and battles in Atlanta since the early stages of the Hip Hop scene.


All Targets Leveled 2008 Highlights from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.

All Targets Leveled 2008 Highlights from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.


Burn Unit has been a leading crew in the Atlanta b-boy/b-girl community for nearly two decades and continues to represent Atlanta both on a national and international level of b-boying and b-girling.


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