The latest Burn Unit video on Vimeo by AdLee.

Puma | Burn Unit “Drill-ON” from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.

Directed by B-girl Rokafella, “All the Ladies Say” chronicles Burn Unit’s Vendetta and Severe as well as the other ladies of Collective 7 who have successfully carved a niche in the physically challenging, male-dominated breakdance world.
Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) features Burn Unit in the award-winning documentary series “This is Atlanta.” The show highlights one-of-a-kind locations in the metro area, unusual hobbies and performances by some of the city’s most compelling artists.

PBA30:This is Atlanta-Feat. Burn Unit from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.

TBS “StoryLine” is a local program that “explores the issues, celebrates the art, and chronicles the people, places, and stories that shape the city of Atlanta.” Burn Unit is featured in the same segment as educational expert Ron Clark.

TBS Storyline: BGirlz feat. The Ladies of Burn Unit from ShadowGEIST on Vimeo.

Voted one of their best 2008 videos, Vimby got exclusive coverage of Burn Unit’s All-Targets-Leveled (A.T.L) event. A.T.L was Atlanta’s largest, international b-boy/b-girl battle incorporating props in a street-themed environment. Click here to view the coverage.
Drop Shadows is a local, independent documentary by Timbo444 about the b-boy/b-girl culture and includes exclusive footage and interviews with Burn Unit.

DROPSHADOWS Teaser / BBOY Documentary from timbO444 on Vimeo.

From 2007 to 2009, Burn Unit was featured on Transit TV, the programming network for public bus transportation in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee and Orlando. Most of the videos are available on the Burn Unit Vimeo page.